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Changes in Hotel Industry Since last Few Years

The hotel industry is going through a period of unparalleled, invariable change and will look very different in future. Digital technologies are shifting the balance of power towards your clients. Simultaneously, the consumers are changing. Digitally enabled guests expect hotels to give them personalized services ever more. Hotels will need to personalize services from guests’ booking experience to their in-room preferences. Hotels also need to use mobile to personalize the immediate hotel environment. Not just the environment but it is needed for guests’ overall experience of the destination. Quite obvious starting point is user-friendly app. It enables mobile check-in and room selection. Being able to check-in or out using a mobile device would motivate the 46% guests to return. The apps allow guests to input about their preferences. Over the past few years, many aspects of the hotel industry have adopted new technology. The changing behaviours of the consumers have changed th